Growing with the community in mind, we want to grow more food to feed more people right here in Santa Clara County. Together we’re bringing back the agricultural legacy of
"The Valley of The Heart's Delight!”

We are proud to be a certified organic by CCOF, one of the nation's oldest and respected certifiers. We diligently practice regenerative farming techniques including strict crop rotation, high crop diversity to support beneficial insects, and grow with absolutely no GMOs. We grow with bees in mind, and include practice that help support natural bee health along with our onsite hives. 

We are passionate about feeding people. Growing certified organic food for our community, creating the foundation for a strong community and a diverse and vibrant food scene in Santa Clara County. You can find our produce through 6 South Bay Farmers Markets, our year round CSA program, several produce retailers, and the South Bay's best restaurants. 



Mike and his two sons Nick and Sam first got the idea for Spade & Plow after working several years in big corporate ag. Managing large thousand plus acres farms, large sales teams, and gigantic distribution coolers.

"We were all tired of the corporate way

and we knew it could be better."

It started with an idea of connecting the consumer directly to the farmer, and growing the best tasting varieties of organic fruits and vegetables for the South Bay Community. They saw the threat of development and the disappearing farm land of "the Valley of the Heart's Delight" and wanted to preserve it. 

Spade & Plow Organics got it's start in 2015, after finding 10 acres to lease in San Martin, CA. They worked the land, watered, weeded, and planted their first seed without a clear idea where our first harvest would go. But with an intention of sustainability, the Thorp family decided to create fresh, clean, certified organic fruits and vegetables accessible and affordable to Santa Clara County residents. To date, they've added on another 27 acre property also in San Martin, that has allowed them to increase our production, preserving more agricultural lands in Santa Clara County. 

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