Get the best locally grown produce, eggs and fresh baked bread delivered to your door. Choose from three different box sizes, weekly or every other week delivery, customize your box each week, and pay as you go. No long term sign up required.


Customize your box or go with the farmer's pick. We farm, harvest, wash, pack, and deliver. You eat. Complimentary delivery, weekly recipes in each box, and harvested to order fresh produce that you can trust.


We believe the best things in life are meant to be shared. Be sure to share your experience, recipes, favorites and least favorites. Be part of the Spade & Plow community on our blog, facebook and instagram to stay up to date on the freshest farm news.

50 Years Of Experience

With a combined 50 years of experience in organic agriculture, our family brings a unique perspective to the industry. We focus on delivering ‘taste-first’ produce using only the best sustainable and conservation-based production techniques. We implement water saving practices, strict crop rotation, and efficiencies in post-harvest procedures to produce the best vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers our farm has to offer.

Our produce is available through our one of a kind, year round CSA program, as well as the Bay Area’s best restaurants and produce retailers.

Our Mission

With hard work, old school know-how, and new school creativity we bring to the table more than just great food. Everyday we work closer towards building a business that nourishes inside and out, one that drives local communities and strengthens families new and old.

Located in San Martin of Santa Clara County, we utilize one of the best growing regions in the world to bring clean, local food with our time-tested agricultural focus: quality over quantity.


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