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Terms & Conditions 

What if something in box waSN'T QUITE WHAT i WAS EXPECTING? 

We guarantee all of our produce, if something wasn't quite what you expected please let us know. Depending on the circumstance we can either get you a replacement for the item or a refund. With any quality issues, pictures are always helpful, and make it easier to identify were an issue might have occurred. 

What if I am missing an item from my box? 

We pack all our boxes by hand and mistakes do happen. If you are missing an item in your box that is on your packing list, please let us know. We will get a replacement or refund for the item. 

what if i can not pick up my box at home or a pick up location? 

Please let us know if you will not be able to receive a box for a certain delivery day. We may be able to postpone your box or find a different delivery day or pick up location. We do require that all changes or holds on box delivery be called or emailed in by noon on Tuesday the week of your delivery. We may not be able to honor any request that are submitted late with out a refund or replacement. 


We allow up to three vacation holds to be put on your account for any length of time. Any vacation holds can be placed on your account under the vacation hold tab. If you need to place a vacation hold the same week of your delivery please reach out to our office by phone or by email. Any requests vacation hold requests must be submitted by noon on Tuesday the week of your delivery. We may not be able to honor request submitted after noon on Tuesday. 

What if I need to make changes to my box contents? 

All of our CSA boxes are completely customizable. We do set a standard box each week, based off that week's harvest. We'll send out an email on Sunday morning the week of your delivery with that week's box contents as well as a link to customize your box. All box changes must be submitted through the web store by noon on Tuesday the week of your delivery.