Want fresh, organic, and local produce delivered right to your door?

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Step-by-step setup guide
on how to sign up!


Step 1.

Once you’ve clicked on SIGN UP HERE! in SIGN UP drop down menu on our homepage, you will be redirected to our online webstore page.

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Select from any of pick up locations or we also offer direct to your door delivery for a small delivery fee of $2.50! Be sure to double check to make sure the delivery day works for you.

Have a suggested pick up location at your office or near your home? We’d LOVE to accommodate!

Simply let our rockstar CSA manager Tyler know at Tyler@spadeandplow.com


Select your BOX SIZE and frequency!

We offer a variety of farm box share sizes. Boxes start at $20.00 with unlimited add ons such as bread, flowers, eggs, and coffee!
Please keep in mind we have a strict minimum order policy. This is to help us maintain our great value prices on our fruits and veggies while keeping up with our packing and delivery costs.


Step 4
subscription add ons

That’s right! We’ve partnered with local small businesses to offer subscription add ons for your weekly needs of coffee, bread, and eggs. Simply add them on for weekly or every other week and we’ll include it in your box! Not sure if you want these add ons every week? No worries! You can also add them to your cart anytime you need in the online store.

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Finalize your payment details and complete your account set up.

The next few steps are fairly easy to follow. Simply set up your payment plan, then fill out your contact and payment info! If your sign up is received 5 days before your desired delivery date, your farm box will be delivered the following week. This helps us better ensure our inventory to meet all of our customer needs! Once you’re all set up, we’ll send you a confirmation email to confirm your delivery details. Sometimes these emails get delivered into your spam box, so make sure to check to make sure it didn’t wound up in there!

ONCE you’re signed up, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your very own box with items from our online store each week!

We put together a standard box each week based off what is looking best in the field and send you an email every Sunday morning. We will also include a link where you can log into the web store to make any adjustments to your box based off the seasonal produce available. to find out more about box customization click the link below or the drop down menu “BOX CUSTOMIZATION” ON OUR FARM BOX MENU PAGE.


Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions or issues you are having.
We want this process to be as easy as possible so you can get on with eating healthy and locally with us!

Howdy@spadeandplow.com | (408)634-6304