Cool Green Bean Salad w/ Cilantro & Lime


Crisp green beans and velvety zucchini strips, tossed with cilantro and lime to create harmonious flavors and textures that will leave your pallet asking for more. 

This refreshing recipe helps bring lightness to any meal. Green beans are a delicious side dish for any occasion. They can be served warm or cold and can be dressed up in a variety of ways. 

A perfect recipe for pick-nicks and barbecues, it is a fuss-free, nutritious and delicious course. Providing that an ample serving is high in vitamin C, fiber, and minerals, we guarantee everyone will love it and will be applauding for the tasteful execution of a healthy meal.

 “Cool Beans!”



  • 1 lb. Green Beans

  • 1 Medium Zucchini

  • 2 Limes, Juiced

  • Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

  • Red Onion

  • Cilantro


  1. Boil water and cook Green Beans until they are slightly soft- about 2 minutes. Chill in an ice bath to prevent further cooking.

  2. While Green Beans are cooling, slice zucchini into thin strips. Toss Zucchini with Lime juice to prevent oxidization.

  3. Chop onions, bell peppers, and cilantro.

  4. Add all ingredients together.