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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your produce organic? 

Yes! We believe strongly in supporting organic principles and practices. Through our official organic certification, we aim to create and grow trust in the organic industry. Spade & Plow is certified through CCOF, the nation's premier and oldest organic certifying body.

Can I Customize my Box?

Yes! We do set a standard box each week based on what is in season, but all of our box options are completely customizable. Our team sends an email every Sunday the week of your scheduled delivery day with your standard box contents, along with a link to log into your account to make any changes, if need be.

We do require that all changes to your box contents be made by noon the Tuesday of your delivery week. This enables us to plan out harvest schedules, delivery routes and ensure we are able to wash and pack all the vegetables in time.

What's the difference between Delivery Week A and Delivery Week B? 

Delivery Week A and B are for members that only want to receive a box every other week. The A and B represent the different alternating weeks. Please inquire to ensure you receive your box on the preferred week.

When should i expect my delivery?

We deliver hundreds of boxes each week, so determining an exact delivery time can be difficult. Our general hours of delivery are typically between 8am and 4pm. Please contact us directly if you need an estimated delivery time. 

Concerned about your box contents sitting out in the sun? Leave a cooler outside your door! We will gladly place the contents of your box in a cooler to ensure your veggies stay fresh. 

Do you re-use your boxes? 

Yes! We love to re-use the boxes whenever possible. Leaving boxes outside your door or at your drop off location emptied and unfolded is the best way to see that they get reused. 

I am going to be out of town, can I put a hold on my box? 

Yes! You can put up to 3 vacation holds on your deliveries for any length of time through your account page. Your account will not allow you to put a hold on your box the week of your delivery, so please think ahead!

What is Your CANCELLATION policy?

We allow cancellations at anytime for any reason. We do require that you cancel by noon on Tuesday the week of your next scheduled delivery day.

What is your delivery costs?

We charge a $2.50 delivery fee for all individual home or office deliveries. By charging a delivery fee we are able to provide transparent pricing on our produce and offer a living wage for our employees. All Community Pick-up locations are offered at no delivery cost.