Field Notes: Hello Fall! Goodbye heat waves!


Happy Fall Equinox y’All!

Summer’s finally dwindling away along with it’s last heat wave, and here at the farm, we’ve been working hard to prepare for a bountiful fall season here at the farm full of squash, bunching greens, leeks, radishes, and so much more!

Out in the field, we are harvesting our dry beans this week. Each year, we are lucky to have our dear friend and long-time farmer, Jim leap, bring help us with our bean harvest with his handy bean harvester. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment that picks up, shakes, and sifts through the bean plants we’ve been drying out in the field. It takes the whole community to run a farm, and Jim’s generosity is a testament to how farmers rely on each other for sharing resources and knowledge. 

In addition to fall preparations, we are also planning out our planting schedule for next year. It may seem a bit early to be doing so, but with the limited land for crops we have this year, we’re buckling down by organizing our field plantings. by doing so, we can stay on top of maximizing productivity and improve the quality of each planting! 

Ian Thorp