Farmer Spotlight: Alejandro Acosta


“Food is a very powerful way to connect with people”


He works with dexterous hands peeling, snipping, cleaning some of the freshest spring scallions just harvested out of the ground that morning. When asked what his earliest memory of getting his hands in the soil he looks off into the distance and then has an a-ha moment.

“Sometimes I’d help my dad out in the backyard, and a lot of the times I’d have the chore of picking up all the gross squishy apples,” he says.

Even though his dad always had something growing in the backyard, what got Alejandro interested in farming was his experience at Veggielution, a place he calls “a hidden gem sitting in the middle of all this urban space."

A true bay area native, born and raised in San Jose, Alejandro has always had a strong affinity towards being outside and moving around. As he spent more and more time at Veggielution volunteering there a couple days a week, he felt a strong sense of connectedness.


“Food is a very powerful way to connect with people”

He continues to pursue his interest in farming and loves working with others and hearing about their experiences to understand different perspectives.

In his words, “it helps me become a better person.”

His favorite thing to harvest here on our farm are herbs because they smell so good. When he’s not on the farm harvesting, washing, and packing you’ll find Alejandro driving one of our delivery vans delivering your farm boxes or dropping off produce to our restaurant partners.

When he’s feeling slow or sluggish, his “go to” farm jams are phunk, reggae, and ska music. That apple tree in his backyard has really matured into a large tree now. And yes, he’s still picking up those rotten apples along with growing tomatoes, corn, and watermelon with his father in the backyard garden.

Alejandro’s advice for future farmers is...

“Bring extra socks! Sometimes the ones you’re wearing get soaked!"

Ian Thorp