Pea Shoots

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Aw Shoots...

They’re popping up so green and vibrant after all this heavy winter rain. Pea shoots are such a welcoming sight hinting that spring has indeed sprung! A tender and leafy green with a short harvesting season, we harvest these to eat right before their pretty little pink and purple flowers dot our fields with the first colors of the season.

Although you can eat the shoots of almost every pea variety, we think our sugar snap pea shoots are the sweetest and tastiest shoots around! We love its texture and subtle pea-like taste. You can eat the whole thing, tendrils and all! Enjoy them raw in a salad, lightly cooked in a stir-fry, or added as a garnish for soups. Nutritionally dense and packed with beta carotene, vitamin C, folate and fiber, why not give this adventurous ingredient a try?

They’ve got a short shelf life and are easily bruised which is why they’re a rare sighting at your local grocery story! So, make sure to wrap them gently in a paper towel, throw them into a plastic bag with a puff of air, and use them within the week for optimal texture and flavor!

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Ian Thorp