Field Notes: Transitioning from Spring to Summer


School is out and summer is quickly arriving! Everything is growing so quickly here on the farm. Goodbye Spring! Goodbye sweet peas!

Our tomatoes seem to be doubling in size every week! In fact, our first harvest of sungold cherry tomatoes last week has got us excited about the abundance of tomatoes coming on. Soon we will be practically swimming tomatoes! With so many heirloom varieties planted we can’t wait to share them with you very soon. 

With everything on the farm growing so quickly, its crucial to stay on top of getting everything watered and weeded for a successful crop. Easier said than done with so many moving parts, but last Saturday’s yoga on the farm hosted by Jenn Smith Thorp was a real treat. Thank you all for coming out to the farm. 

As we transition from spring to summer, what are you most looking forward to eating? Let us know so we can do our best to add them to these weekly farm boxes for you to enjoy! 



Ian Thorp