Farmer Perspective: Springtime Highs and Lows

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We often are pulled into winters embrace without ever realizing fall has ended. Brisk winds slowly wipe away the auburn hues until one day, you realize, itʼs been wet and overcast for far too long!

With shorter days and wetter conditions than normal, this winter brought unique challenges as well as the opportunity for creative solutions. Just as winter snuck into our lives, it has departed, replaced by summers herald waving itʼs telltale banner of blossoms and blue skies.

While all of us here are overjoyed with this warmer weather, the tasks ahead can appear daunting. Crops lost or pushed back are now being planted double time. The watermelon that is going to taste so very wonderful during 4th of July festivities will need to be planted next week and that means using every minute of these longer days.

It is in these moments, when the work of yesterday and the work of tomorrow converge, that we can lose sight of the here and now; when spring forward can feel like a command. It is then that it is most important to breathe deep the fragrant air, bask in the warmth of the noonday sun, and relish each step of dry earth underfoot. Though our plate may seem full, we are invigorated, because it means what ends up on yours is all the more meaningful.

-Farmer Cortland Johnson

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Ian Thorp