Field Notes: Forecasting A Bountiful Summer Harvest!


We are so stoked about getting a much needed break from all the rain we’ve been getting this winter! Now it’s finally time to get to it with planting your favorite summer crops out in our fields.

Last year we struggled to keep up with the demand for our tasty cucumbers and summer squash. Really goes to show that when they’re harvested and delivered fresh it makes a big difference in quality and flavor. Lemon cucumbers were a big hit last year so we are planting a whole lot more this year along with pickling cucumbers for our bread-and-butter pickle jars!

It’s the earliest planting of summer squash and pickles we’ve ever done, but by taking those risks we hope to find a bountiful reward during our summer season!

Have a favorite cucumber or summer squash recipe you’d like us to try? We’d love to hear from you!

Ian Thorp