They’re kind of like the ugly ducklings of artichokes.

Unappealing to the eye, but don’t let their appearance fool you!  Chop ‘em, boil ‘em or bake ‘em and you’ll soon find out why customers rave about frost kissed artichokes!

frosty_the artichoke(2).jpg

As temperatures drop below freezing at night, we are in the midst of our coldest winter months. Most crops struggle to withstand the frost and need some extra care and protection, but for artichokes its a different story! 

If the chokes are looking slightly browned with blistering outer leaves, then BINGO you’ve got some frost kissed artichokes on hand. 'Frost Kissed’ artichokes are highly coveted for their sweeter and nuttier flavor, and with a short season of availability, we’re excited to offer up these treasures for our CSA members and market customers.   

Fully cooked, these frost-kissed artichokes are superior to their early season siblings due to the freezing temperatures allowing their flavor to be more concentrated. So, don’t be fooled by the off-putting coloring and blistering of the outer leaves! Eat your heart out! 

**Storage Tip: Artichokes store well for a very long time in the crisper drawer or placed in a plastic bag in the fridge.