National CSA Signup Day!



If you didn’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for community members like you to actively participate in the operations of a farm, without getting your hands dirty and with the possibility of sourcing your weekly LOCAL produce from the same place!

Here at Spade & Plow, we offer weekly or bi-weekly CSA shares that come in a variety of sizes. You can even customize your order with no extra fluff or fees.

Delivery to your home or office in Santa Clara County is FREE. Additionally, you can cancel or put a vacation hold on your account at any time.


Those might be great selling points, but really, WHY should you sign up?

Here’s the deal:

Access to organic local food shouldn’t be for a select few.

We at Spade & Plow believe that we have an enormous opportunity to provide fresh, local veggies to the entirety of Santa Clara Valley, at a cost that invites all to access. CSAs cut out the middle man: no produce brokers, no supermarket mark-ups. It’s coming straight from us, at a price that is fair and economical. We are the Valley of the Heart’s Delight; we are, historically, THE valley for bounty and abundance. That bounty should be easily accessible to our communities. Which leads us to our next point…

Farmland in Santa Clara County is diminishing.

We live in an area that used to be thriving, fertile farmland. Fast forward several decades, and it’s now Silicon Valley, an area that we value for innovation, novelty, and efficiency. Don’t get us wrong, it’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of everything and to live among the creatives and drivers of technical innovation! However, with every corner and acre that invites tech and development, we lose rich, farmable land. Land that can be used to feed Silicon Valley and surrounding areas. Prices for farmland undoubtedly become higher as well, making it harder and harder for farms in the area to keep up. CSA membership aids significantly in offsetting incurred farming costs. CSA membership keeps us thriving!

Spade & Plow is currently the ONLY registered CSA program in Santa Clara County, which speaks to the dire need to help sustain local farms.

With the spring and summer seasons upon us, we are delighted to offer variety, color and vibrancy to your dinner plates.

We’d love to share our food with you! Food is a connector, a community-builder, and an equalizer, and we’re eager to be a part of the preservation of organic, sustainable, local practices in Santa Clara County. Consider signing up for a CSA box today!


Enter PROMO CODE: hooraycsaday18 at Checkout for a free full-sized share, valued at $30!

From all of us here, we thank you kindly for your support.

The Spade & Plow Crew

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