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Over 80% of flowers bought and sold in the U.S. are imported from other countries and flown in every morning to flower districts and markets. 

Many of the world’s flowers are now seen as commodities that are chopped, boxed, and sold in high-volume at a very low cost. The demand for fresh flowers keeps growing as the industry is gets more efficient and economical. The cost? Fossil fuels, packaging materials, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers to name a few. 

For an industry that has grown from $3 billion to $100 billion in the last 50 years, we think there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement.

There is a growing movement, called the Slow Flowers Movement, that has been inspiring farmers, florists, and industry professionals to work together to change the way we grow and use flowers in the U.S. As we implement our organic farming practices in growing flowers this year, we are finding out that flowers have so many additional benefits for the farm!


We can’t wait to show you when things are in full bloom here at the farm!

Do you have any flowers that you would like to see grow? Do you have any fun ideas for growing our flower program? We’d love to hear from you! 

They provide important ecosystem services such as attracting beneficial pollinators and add beneficial nutrients for our soils which in turn improve our farm crop yields and the overall health of our farm ecosystem. 

We are excited to partner with you in our vision of bringing beautiful flowers and joy to Santa Clara County this coming year! We just finished our planting list which includes flowers such as: sweet peas, chamomile, zinnias, snapdragons, and lots and lots of sunflowers! 

Some exciting things we have planned for our flower program this year include: 

  • Seasonally inspired weekly/bi-weekly flower bouquet add-ons for CSA members [various sizes]

  • farmer’s market bouquets

  • beautiful edible flowers for our restaurant partners and farmer’s market customers!

  • Spade and Plow herbal teas 

  • partnering with local florists and flower shops to offer locally grown, organic flowers

Ian Thorp