Winter rains are pouring down heavy this week, and in our fields are beautifully symmetrical globes emerging from the rows and rows and rows of massive, bright green leaves. Yes, that’s right. It’s artichoke season! After many months of waiting since their planting last spring, we are stoked to finally share our bounty of artichokes with you starting this week!


The sweetness that lingers after you eat an artichoke is due to the fact that artichokes are loaded with cynarin, an acidic compound that aids in digestion and liver function, which we all could use a little more of during the holiday season!

To enjoy these edible thistle flowers, we recommend keeping it simple.Steamed or baked with a little lemon juice and some butter on top, makes for an excellent seasonal treat!

If you’re feeling adventurous, we loved trying this Rosemary Garlic Butter Roasted Artichoke Recipe from food blogger Dad with a Pan. Here he clearly shows step by step instructions with photos on how to prepare and enjoy artichokes!

**Storage Tip: Artichokes store well for a very long time in the crisper drawer or placed in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Just like eating them, growing artichokes takes a lot of time and patience. They’re in the ground for almost the whole year as they are watered, weeded, and fed with nutrients until they are ready to be enjoyed. This is our third year of growing these globe variety of artichokes, and boy are they well worth the effort! Each year we’ve grown them, we've had customers rave about our artichokes as the tastiest they’ve ever tried. 

Why you ask?

These specific globe artichoke varieties come from a long line of artichokes grown for many generations right here in the cool, coastal California Central growing region. Their hearts are more tender than most other varieties, while being larger and meatier to satisfy your appetite. Despite the added labor and time to grow these globe artichoke varieties, we think their sweet and savory taste is exceptional. 

Looking to try our artichokes, but want the immediate savory and sweet satisfaction of enjoying them? You can find these tasty Pickled Artichoke Hearts at any of our farmer’s market locations or add them to your next CSA farm box order! Available in classic or spicy!

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Ian Thorp