What’s your favorite thing to harvest?

“Mmmm…Melons," says Tyler.

Why is that?

"It's super easy, gratifying, and packs a sweet reward", he says with a winking smirk. 

We are so excited to announce our newest team member, Tyler McCourt!

Tyler is joining the Spade & Plow team as our CSA Manager where he will oversee and manage operations for our weekly farm box CSA program. Tyler brings an abundance of knowledge from his 6+ years of experience as the produce manager in grocery retail, and furthermore brings such a bright and cheerful energy here at the farm. When asked how he feels about his new job here at the farm Tyler says,

“there’s a sense of a higher purpose working alongside the farmers and other team members here to harvest, pack, and deliver the produce direct to the customers."


He says the contrast between working on a farm and a major grocery retailer is “night and day.”  As an Environmental Science major in college, Tyler was most fascinated by the expansive world of agriculture and the food systems we have in place today. He sees Spade & Plow as a culmination of old school generational farming and new school business strategies.

“it’s great to see new ideas and business practices implemented through the CSA program, and also the patience to let it all happen organically,” 

His favorite part about the job is to see how it all comes together full circle as we grow the produce and connect it directly to the customers. You can catch Tyler every Saturday at our year round Morgan Hill Farmer’s Market booth.

“ A lot of people want to be more involved with the growing side of things and be more connected to their food, but many of them simply don’t have the time or tools to do so. It feels good to bridge that gap while supporting my local community"

When Tyler is not working hard here at the farm, he’s out enjoying matinee movies with his wife and creating calming ambient music under the artist name Rhinooo Thunderrrr. You can check his music out at:

Ian Thorp